DrJS Yusuf Foundation


Aims and Objective

To dwell in charity activities such as emergency rescue. Providing food, clothing, shelter, and education for the needy especially woman, children and road accident victims

To provide support to the internally displayed persons (IDPs) in the society as well as the less privilege.

To promote the welfare of woman, children and youths in the areas of educations, health care services and public enlightenments.

To help build a society with strong ethical and moral values, good character and attitudinal behaviors within the society

Dr. John Yusuf Suber

Representative of NGOS/CSOs in Road Safety matters in Nigeria.

Dr. John Yusuf Suberu is a Nigerian Business man, Clergyman, humanitarian, democratic evangelist and a good governance advocate.

 Dr. John Yusuf Suberu: Is the Managing Director of Yusuf, Ize & Onize Group of Companies, Nigeria. He is a seasoned administrator, an astute technocrat, and a tested and trusted business man whose footprint in businesses is conspicuous for all to see. He was born on 6th October 1982 in Adavi Local Government of Kogi State Nigeria.

Our Cause List

Our movement is growing and we are building a future.

Mentoring Leaders and Entrepreneurs
for Tomorrow (MELT) Program

The MELT program comes as a top priority in Dr. Yusuf JS Foundation. A top-flight mentoring platform for young persons to discover and fulfill their leadership and entrepreneurship potentials in a follow-through program. The Foundation’s interest precedes the discovery of talents but maximizing the potential of the talent is crucial.

Award of Educational Scholarship

Education is a strong thematic area of operation at the Dr. Yusuf JS Foundation.

The Foundation believes that the best form of poverty alleviation is to give education to the people, especially the indigent.

The educational scholarships are structured to encourage merit and brilliance.

Widow's Shelter Scheme (WSS)

Housing is a basic need of individuals but many are homeless on the streets. One major operation of The Foundation is the provision of shelters.

These shelters are provided under a framework to cater to widows, internally displaced (IDPs), and less privileged persons in Nigeria.

Food Bank Project

Food is an essential need of man, therefore, through strategic partnership, the Dr. Yusuf JS Foundation and other organizations are working assiduously to establish regional and national food banks.

The banks come prepared to meet the needs of Africans in any region or state.

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locally and around
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We have a mission that
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